They did it!

I received requests from international readers for a common place where they could share about their own 21 day challenge – their journey, their insights, and their attempts.

For this purpose, I created a section on my French Blog “J’arrête de Râler” and I wanted to create the same opportunity for my English-speaking readers.

So… this page is yours! Post your comments below. I’ll visit it regularly to read and support you.

Love and Respect,

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3 thoughts on “They did it!

  1. Hi, I’m Antonella from Rome. I found your book for chance (Italian version) and I hearthly thought: FINALMENTE! At least something TO DO and not to complaing to! I started to follow the program 2,5 months ago and I think I’m on the right way. When I started I was about 12-15 complaints/day (not so bad for an Italian woman, hu?) and easily achieved to 1-2/day. The next step has been harder, one day without complaining, but I successed. Now I had been “clear” 4 days, then this morning I had a relapse :-/ complaining about my husband (my main source of grumbling) in a phone chat with my best friend… Anyway, I’m on the way.
    I posted this on your Facebook page, but here is better for me!
    Antonella, 1th day without complaining (again!)

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