Stop Complaining and Just Do IT!

Stop Complaining!  Let go! Just Do it! We KNOW what we need to do to be happier in our lives. We have “Haha!” moments, intuitive insights but then the next day or sometimes even the following hour, doubt takes over and we don’t follow through on our good intentions! We KNOW what we need to do but somehow we find a thousand excuses not to start and we procrastinate!

I can’t do it today, I already have too many things going on, I’ll start tomorrow!” In the end, we let other things take over and watch our lives go by as a spectator. The hardest part is to CHOOSE to live a better life and START to do IT! The “IT” that we want to do does not yet have a place in our busy lives and starting means to make room for it. Choosing to do “IT” instead of answering all the emails, surfing the web, having another cup of tea, starting a load of laundry or watching something on TV etc..


I am always surprised to notice how my emails can become much more important than what I KNOW will contribute to my life. Sometimes I just want to shout ” Stop sending  me emails!” “I have a life to live!” (hummmmm…am I complaining, now?)

I am becoming more and more aware of all those times when I want to give to others before giving to myself. I have important (or not) emails in my box or comments on my blog and I have the urge to reply right away and I end up choosing to give “to myself”, later.

Today, I feel that I must focus on my well-being and happiness FIRST in my life. My biggest responsibility in life is to take care of me. In doing so, I will be nourished, inspired, happy , in good health to better ( and not more) help others and contribute.

“What” I want to do personally at this point in my life, is to create a bigger discipline in my life and a daily ritual which will contribute to my well-being . This “IT’, I’ve been thinking about it for the last 2 months and it is time that I turn this “idea” into a “reality” because in the long run just thinking about it and thinking I’ll get to do it one day , well it makes my head spin! ….

What is  this “IT” that you’ve  been procrastinating about in your life?

Love and Respect,



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