What is Your Recurrent Complaint?

What is you recurrent complaint? Is there a complaint that comes out of your mouth more often than others. This one is almost automatic, it comes back almost every day, sometimes even many times during the same day, or even first thing upon awakening.

For me, I found that my recurrent complaint has been “I am too fat”, or “I am not making enough money”, or ” I spend too much time on my emails”.

As soon as I decided to embark on this journey to quit complaining, I realized that I had to start to do something different in my life if I wanted to get a different result. As Einstein says it very well “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

Insanity Eisntein

So, I decided to replace insanity with discipline. If I wanted to stop complaining about my body I had to do something every day toward getting fit or else I should let go of my expectation to have a fit body ! Simple, right ?

We complain when there is gap between what we expect and  our reality. The most powerful way to reduce suffering and thus the complaining that goes with it is to reduce this gap. Either we work on improving  our reality, or we work on letting go of our expectations!

That’s when discipline becomes our best friend. Instead of seeing discipline as a constraint we start to see it as our key to freedom and fulfillment. Setting free of our frustrations, dealing with them one day at a time to create the life that we truly want.

You cannot be happy without discipline. In fact, if you want to measure the level of happiness in your life, measure your level of discipline. You will never have more happiness than you have discipline. The two are directly linked to each other. If you want to increase the level of fulfillment and happiness in a certain area of your life, increase your level of discipline in that area of your life. On the other hand, if you find that you are altogether too happy too much of the time, you may want to think about decreasing the level of discipline in your life. Discipline and happiness are directly linked.”   ~ Matthew Kelly from Perfectly Yourself

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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