My name is Christine Lewicki and a few years ago I decided to Quit Complaining. I am a French native (France is famous for its grumpy population) who have been living in the US since 2000. I am a mom of 3 girls and also an ambitious entrepreneur.

As I was laying down in my bed one night, feeling that I just had a “terrible, horrible, very bad day!”, I suddenly realized that this BAD day was actually a NORMAL day of my life. Nothing really bad had happened. No accident, everyone was healthy, no real financial crisis, not even any problem with my internet connection!

Why so much resisting, why so much complaining ?

That night, it hit me and I remember very clearly telling myself “Christine, one day you are going to die and you’ll realize that you had spent your entire life resisting your life!”

I did not want to waste this precious life of mine any longer. I wanted to learn to BE present to what my day had to offer even if it’s sometimes messy and surely not always very “sexy” between the carpool, the emails, the empty fridge and the bills to pay.

I decided to Quit Complaining by doing a 21 day challenge (to get rid of this bad habit) and opened up a blog in French to document my journey. Before I knew it, my blog became viral on social media, with hundreds of visitors (many confessed that they were visiting to see me fail).  The rest of the story is that beyond my expectations, the blog gave birth to a book and since its release, it became a huge Best Seller (translated in 7 languages and more than 300 000 books sold in France only) with articles everywhere (including Elle, Marie Claire, Le Monde, Psychologies magazine…),  TV and radio appearances.

I am opening this blog because I live in the US (in Los Angeles) and a lot of people around me are begging me to publish this book in English. They want to hear my journey, they want me to share my story… and I am happy to announce that finally, it’s coming! The book will be released Fall 2018!

I hope you’ll enjoy my articles and videos on this blog. Feel free to share your comments and questions and keep in touch on Facebook, too!


If you want to do the challenge, here are A few rules to follow:

1. Start by wearing a bracelet on the wrist of your choice.

2. If you find yourself complaining, simply change the bracelet to the other wrist and start all over.

3. Don’t get discouraged and remain confident. It may take a few weeks or months to reach 21 consecutive days without complaining but in the end, you’ll discover a new life filled with joy and love.

Why 21 days?

According to scientists a new habit is created or takes place in 21 days and it so happens that complaining is very much a habit for many of us.

Why wear a bracelet?

The bracelet is a tool that allows us to become aware and simply reminds us about the challenge to better manage our progress on the path to a more serene life without complaining.

How do I know if I am complaining?

According to the definition “complaining” is like whining. To produce a sustained, high-pitched, plaintive sound, as in pain, fear or complaint. Tcomplain or protest in a childish or annoying fashion. To produce a sustained noise of high pitch.

Some synonyms: agonize, sulk, grumble, whine, enrage, being angry, grunt, growl, grumble, murmur, pester, protest, rage, claim, gripe, bitch…

When I did my own 21 day challenge, I finally came up with 3 criteria to recognize if I was complaining or not.

THE TONE OF MY VOICE:  Am I whining, grumbling, growling… screaming?

MY POSITION: Am I putting myself in the position of the victim and trying to make someone or something else wrong? Am I more interested in being right than improving the situation?

THE ACCURACY OF MY COMMUNICATION: Am I transforming my problem into a drama? Am I exaggerating because I am afraid that otherwise I won’t be heard?

Obviously we sometimes have a real natural need to express our discontent, pain or suffering but the majority of people do it all day long without realizing it. They spend their existence affirming and complaining and undergoing all they do not want and this suffering becomes their reality. Instead of complaining, let’s try to communicate and to think about what we want by feeling grateful for what we already have.

How many times a day do people complain?

Between 15 to 30 times a day.

How long does it take to get through the challenge?

In general, people who do it seriously will need between 4 to 10 months to be able to reach 21 consecutive days without complaining. It is not an easy challenge but it’s worth it. You can read the testimonies in the THEY DID IT section!

If I complain in silence in my head, must I also change the bracelet on the other wrist?

When I started the challenge I tried not to complain in my head but it was impossible and unrealistic. I then discovered that this challenge would be attainable and beneficial if I changed the bracelet to the other wrist only when the complaints were uttered out of my mouth. By forcing myself to change the words that came out of my mouth, little by little the complaints in my head slowly disappeared.

What can I do for others around me to stop complaining?

Be the example. When you start to change YOUR own life by quitting complaining (even if you are not a big complainer), you will become an example of positive living and a source of inspiration for others around you. Furthermore, by not participating in the complaints around you, others will be less tempted to complain around you.

I wish you an eye-opening challenge and please let me know how you are doing!

Love & Respect,

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Christine Lewicki is committed to help people quit complaining and become entrepreneurs of their lives. You can download your FREE “I Quit Complaining Starter Kit” on her blog www.iquitcomplaining.com

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