• I Quit Complaining! – April 2011 – Eyrolles

    One complains an average of 15 to 30 times a day… not only is this unbearable for the people around us, but it’s definitely nerve wrecking for oneself: frustrating, annoying, tiring… But what can we do about it?
    To break free of this habit, Christine Lewicki decided to Quit Complaining with a 21 day challenge. In this book, she is sharing with us what she learned on this journey.
    “When I started my own challenge to quit complaining for 21 consecutive days, all I really wanted was to improve my own daily life. I was sick and tired of going to bed in the evening exhausted and drained, simply because I resisted all that ‘happened to me’ throughout the day. I wanted more peace and serenity but overall, I was hoping to get a handle on my own life. I was very curious to see what my life would be like if I could succeed to get rid of my habit to complain”.

    This book sold more than 300 000 copies in France and is currently available in Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. The English translation of this book is coming in the Fall of 2018.

  • The Workbook – I Quit Complaining! May 2012 –  Eyrolles

    Are you fed up with moaning about transportation, the lack of time, the weather, your kids, the office, the chores? Are your daily complaints making you exhausted and miss the essential? You want to get back into a dynamic and positive life far from anger? This workbook is just for you! Indispensable and following the basic principles of the best-seller “I quit complaining”, it includes 50 fun, creative and effective exercises: coaching, personality tests, quizzes, creative exercises, and mini challenges. This light and humorous workbook will help you break the vicious circle “the more I complain, the more reason I have to complain” and finally meet the 21-day “I quit complaining” challenge proposed by Christine Lewicki.

  • I Quit Complaining about my kids {and my spouse!} April  2013 – Eyrolles

    It’s the same every night: after a long day at work, you are preparing dinner for your teen in the middle of an existential crisis, while helping your middle child with homework and managing the youngest whining over the story that you have to read right now… How not to be swallowed by the stress and complain endlessly?

    We are not taught how to be a parent. There are no instructions. Each parent and each child are unique, and their relationship too. Before becoming a parent you had imagine a peaceful and joyous family life, but in reality it resembles more like a battlefield. You wake up one morning realizing that you have become the parent you never wished to be.
    After the best-seller “I Quit Complaining”, Christine Lewicki and Florence Leroy tackle a taboo: These helpless parents who at home, became incorrigible complainers. Known for their candor and plain language, Christine and Florence are giving you real solutions to restore your family’s serenity and well-being. To regain an harmonious parent/child relationship and have fun together, stop complaining and start this program!


  • WAKE UP! 4 Fundamental Principles to Stop Living Your Life Half Asleep!

    April 2014  – Eyrolles  

    Let’s stop believing that we aren’t good enough, and let’s activate our talents. Let’s stop living our lives half asleep. Let’s give ourselves permission to fully live! In other words: WAKE UP!
    In the wake of her best-seller “I Quit Complaining”, sold in France at 300,000 copies and ready to be published in the US by Fall 2018, Christine Lewicki is wondering “How come we are not feeling more fulfilled? How come we always feel limited? The culture of fear, lack and limitation is making us live half asleep.
    With this book, Christine Lewicki hopes to succeed in helping us go through the difficult challenge to become conscious that we are not obligated to undergo our reality and that we can regain the power within us, this life force that just waits to be activated. She hopes she can help us see and embrace all the opportunities surrounding us.
    Through this book, she shares with us the 4 fundamental principles that have allowed her, the past few years, to create for herself an {extra}ordinary life, while simply being an ordinary person, just like us: I dare to be brilliant – I act at the level of my ambition – My words create my reality – I cherish my source.

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