My name is Christine Lewicki and a few years ago I decided to Quit Complaining. I am a French native (France is famous for its grumpy population) who have been living in the US since 2000. I am a mom … Continue reading

My book now published in German… and many more languages!

Celebration! I invite you to watch the video and discover how many languages my book “j’arrête de râler” (I quit complaining) is now available in! Do you speak German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French Canadian, Korean, Chinese…? I encourage you to … Continue reading

4 powerful summer tips for entrepreneurs!

Summer is here, the kids have put away their backpacks, the BBQ grill is ready and the Rosé is on ice! We are looking forward to a calmer rhythm and beautiful summer evenings with family and friends. Summer is a … Continue reading

Maybe there is more that brings us together than we think!

Three beautiful minutes! Thank you TV2 Denmark  for this video, I shared it recently on my english Facebook page. It brings up interesting and relevant points about how different we are… and, despite those differences, the communality of our human experience. … Continue reading