Learning to use the right words… or the key to serenity!

Learning to use the right word...

How many times at work we find ourselves saying “Why me?”, “It’s always the same”, “This is killing me”, “They’re all incompetent”, “People don’t care”!

We generalize, we omit, we exaggerate, amplify… and we do not find the right words. We accuse transportation (traffic jams or waiting time in public transports) of our delay, whereas – let’s be honest – we left home late or left it so “tight” that all the traffic lights would have needed to be green in order to arrive on time!

We end up believing what we say and distort our reality! We convince ourselves that we are victims of life.

Of course, we do it unconsciously and out of habit – because we adopt an accepted mode of functioning in our society. We tell ourselves it is not very important. Yet, by using words that are not accurate, we end up slowly killing our own integrity (and the same applies every time we do not respect our commitments to ourselves or others).
This impediment to our integrity (though so trivial!) affects us much more than we think. It blurs our perception of events and, little by little takes us away from our center.

An infinite source of serenity arises from the simple act of applying ourselves to being impeccable in our communication. Saying things just as they are, removing our little lies, describing problems without exaggerating…

I firmly believe that when we navigate the ups and downs of our daily lives with integrity – in our words, and in our actions – only then can we connect with our inner power and cultivate a genuine, rich and delightful relationship with the people around us.

Try and you’ll see!

To further explore this subject, I invite you to read the famous book, the four agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom (a Toltec Wisdom book).


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