New year… New intention!

For some time now, I have been in the habit of adopting a keyword at the beginning of each year. This keyword is for me like an arrow aimed at life. It is an intention, a direction, a color, a flavor I want to bring to the heart of my daily life, my thoughts, my decisions and my actions.


During the year I chose the keyword “Epic”, that daily affirmation gave me the courage to overcome my biggest fear, getting on the stage of TEDx. This is also the year when I dared to lead my first seminar, WAKE UP, in France and the year I tried to get out of the water on a wake board (and succeeded). This is a year where I chose to put myself in personally challenging situations to have a little more fun (actually a lot more fun!) with life.

When I chose the keyword “Dance” I started to give myself permission to go dancing more often. I embraced dance not only as an occasional weekend activity but as an appointment that I made with myself during the week – often during my office hours! That year I chose to train for my NIA white belt on a ranch in Texas. This is the year when I realized that dance for me was not something frivolous – it is a connection with my body, my heart, my soul. I understood that to continue to create and generate great ideas, it is vital that I spend a few hours regularly barefoot twirling on the floor.

Finally, 2015 the year “Impact” was the year I focused on structuring my activities to better serve humanity. I translated “J’arrête de râler” (“I Quit Complaining”) into English and I managed to get a contract with an American literary agent. This is also the year when I decided to surround myself with a new, brilliant and efficient team who can anticipate my needs and allow me to focus on what I do best – sharing my message, writing, speaking, and giving clarity and support to my coaching clients.

In 2016, I want to put the word CONTRIBUTION at the heart of my intentions and ambitions, and with that word the fundamental question that I invite you to explore:

What is the contribution I wish to bring to humanity?

Personally, in 2016, I want to commit myself 100% to helping people who want to activate their brilliance and contribute their lives in service to their community (Even the smallest contribution we make impacts society at large). I want to help those who wish to align their lives with their deepest desires and what they can bring to others. I want to empower all those who wish to transform their work into a life mission. I will be 100% committed to helping them awaken their purpose and activate their talent. It is this desire for a contribution that made me decide to launch the first WAKE UP forum, which will take place on March 18-20, 2016 in Lyon (France). A FORUM of exchange and interaction open to larger numbers of people, so that together we can reflect on the four fundamentals principles that prevent us from living life half-asleep. A place where surrounded by people on the same path, everyone can focus on the direction they want for their life. A place of brilliance and ambition so we can quit complaining and become DARING entrepreneurs of our own lives, the actors of tomorrow’s world.

This intent, the keyword CONTRIBUTION becomes a reference for me, an axis, a statement on awakening that helps me stay on the path I have chosen to follow. It helps me to stay connected with my inner strength, particularly when I meet obstacles in everyday life. (And who doesn’t?) It is not intended to replace your New Year’s resolution and can even give it more impact.

And you, what is the arrow that you wish to aim at life? What is the first word that comes to your mind?

What is the intent that lies in your heart and will give a direction, flavor, bright color to your everyday life?

© 2016

Christine Lewicki is a Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach. She is committed to helping people quit complaining and become entrepreneurs of their lives. You can download your FREE “I quit complaining” starter kit on her blog and visit her Facebook page for inspirational articles and quotes to reveal the best version of yourself each day!

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