We all have our blaming story

The present is here whether we like it or not. We can disapprove of it, or disagree, but there’s no reason to fight it with complaints. Complaining tires us, it ruins our life, complaining is just an excuse to passively victimize ourselves. The 21 days challenge to Quit Complaining invites us to fully understand that and live our lives in a responsible manner.

Let’s quit complaining and choose who we want to be right this minute!

the best years... (1)

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2015

Christine Lewicki is a Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach. She is committed to helping people quit complaining and become entrepreneurs of their lives. You can download your FREE “I quit complaining” starter kit on her blog www.iquitcomplaining.com and visit her Facebook page for inspirational articles and quotes to reveal the best version of yourself each day!

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